Family Lifestyle Films

What are family films?

Films tell your story.

Photos are lovely to look at, but somehow film has a way of pulling all the heart strings! 

It's almost like a moving portrait.

What happens during a session?

Well firstly, I get to come and hang out with your family!

Don't worry, I won't be in your face with my camera.

I take more of a 'fly-on-the-wall' approach. 


But we're not very interesting or exciting people to be around!?

That's ok!

This isn't about 'what you do' together, it's more about the moments in-between.

It's about your celebrating who you are together.


What should we do while you're here?

What do you normally do when you have time together?

Do you enjoy a lazy Saturday morning in bed, the kids are giggling and hiding under the covers.?

Dad tickling and wrestling while you watch to make sure no one injures themselves.

Or perhaps every Saturday morning you eat waffles together.

Maybe you like to go exploring together in the afternoon, take me with you!

I want to film you together, playing in the afternoon sunlight.

I want to capture the beauty of your authenticity as a tribe that loves and plays hard...together.


Why film and not photos?

Firstly, you can have both!

I provide 15 high resolution images that you can print as you please with every film session.

These photos are more candid and relaxed, but if you would like a more formal one included that's ok, just let me know!


Does this sound like your kind of thing?

Feel free to check out Family Films pricing or send me a message to book in your session.