The Ellingsen Family- A family film in their forever home

Sometimes as a creative it's so easy to doubt yourself (can I see a show of hands all my creative friends). Goodness, I'm pretty sure we all doubt ourselves in many of our roles at times, am I right? 

Recently (let's be honest, it was this morning) I decided to truly embrace failure. That might sound strange to some, but I'm so determined to keep moving, and keep on learning. And where does learning happen? Right smack bang in the middle of failure!!

I don't just do this job for money, I do it because it makes my soul come alive. I love giving families the beautiful gift of showing them their true inner beauty.

Want to know a secret? Sometimes while I edit I get really emotional!!! I'm an emotional person at the best of times so this probably won't surprise those that know me. I smile, I laugh and yes I cry! All happy tears though I promise. 

Sometimes I wish I could sit with my clients when they open their galleries or watch their films. Thankfully I get beautiful feedback that is almost like being there in that moment. 

Most recently I shared the film I made for the Ellingsen family and Karleigh (mum) had some lovely feedback to share after watching it. 

"It is so incredibly amazing. I had way too many tears. You have such an amazing talent at capturing families xx" - Karleigh

Feedback like this makes my heart sing. I'm so grateful to be able to create family films! I feel so much connection to film as an art form. It can connect the viewer on a whole other level to photos! Don't worry, I won't ever stop taking photos though. They are special too! But do I describe it? The music and the movement together with connection = magic.

And on that note I will let you know that if you would like to the opportunity to win your own film session, there is 1 hour left of my giveaway (I will keep it open until 10pm). All I ask is that you follow the steps to enter (click the sign up button below).

I'm so grateful for everyone who has sent in responses so far! I can't wait to read them all and get to know you!!! The winner will be announced via our newsletter tomorrow night!!