Welcome to my new home!

At the start of the year our family moved to Toowoomba from Brisbane so my husband could return to University. I was a little bit (ok let's be real, VERY) nervous making such a big change. Since we arrived I have been mesmerized by the beautiful surroundings here and most of all, the change in seasons!!! It's so different to Brisbane and yet not that far away. We chose to live outside of town so we are often commuting through the countryside to get into town. Cows by the side of the road, different crops in harvest, it's quite a beautiful sight to see. I've gone from having the shops 3 minutes down the road, to 20-30min drive. It's hardly rural, but it's still a big change from what I'm used to!

So just quickly a little history about me. I have been a photographer for about 7 years but I recently had a break for over 12 months as my youngest was diagnosed with Autism and we needed to re-group as a family while we went on that roller coaster ride of emotions. Since coming here the family are doing a lot better and I decided it was a great time to re-launch my business again which I am SO excited about!!!

What I do...I specialise in Lifestyle photography and I LOVE photographing families in their own homes in an authentic way. No "cheese and look at the camera" type photos. I also create family films which are a really nice way for families to relax and be themselves in their own environment. My hope with offering films to families is that they will be transported back to that particular point in time together and be able to relive those memories over and over again into the future.

I will be continuing to offer family lifestyle photography and films to the Brisbane/ Gold Coast/ Sunshine Coast regions as well as opening my books to new clients in Toowoomba. 

If you'd like to get in touch you can do so by sending me a message via the contact page.

Ok now finally, onto this beautiful session. I was so fortunate to meet with the lovely Amy Rushbrook recently in Brisbane. She is a wildly creative mamma and photographer from Melbourne. I was sooooo excited to meet with her and chat all things photography that I literally couldn't sleep the day before!!! I probably could have spent a second day with her there was so much artistic goodness to discuss. And you know what was cool, we spoke about some stuff that I didn't even expect to cover. But that was where the magic happened for me. I had multiple light-bulb moments and I'll be forever grateful.

Part of our day together involved a photo session with the lovely Skye from The Young Folk Collective. She sources the most beautiful, earthy and organic mamma and baby products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethically made. What an amazing business woman and of course mamma to her little Arlo. What a gorgeous boy he is. Truly, so cute! I felt like his eyes followed me where ever I stood. How lucky I was to meet this pair, although our time together was brief it made me grateful for the opportunity this job brings to meet people from so many different walks of life. 

So enough from me, it's photo time...